Archimed360 – HDR vs. Multi-Flash


HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is used by almost all real estate photographers. This technique consists in taking 3 or 5 โ€œbracketsโ€ of the same image and blending them together. The result is very often funky, with a lot of orange and blue color cast all over the photo. Itโ€™s especially true with dark interiors on a bright sunny day.


In contrast to HDR, Flash will almost always produce sharper, crisper images. The whites will be whiter and blacks will be blacker. We have full control over the light, which allows us to deal with any lighting conditions, wall or floor colors, etcโ€ฆ

Use the slider to go back and forth between Multi-Flash photography and HDR. 

Which one would you want in your portfolio to show potential clients? Which image sells the dream better? Which one pulls you in and makes you want to be in that space? Which photo is more inviting? Which one does a better job of showing off the design elements, details and textures? 

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