Archimed360 – HDR vs. Multi-Flash


HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography allows, by blending multiple exposures together, to create a balanced image. This technique is commonly used in real estate photography. Some HDR treatments are more subtle than other. We have been using HDR photography on a daily basis for the past 5 years, and most photos you see on our portfolio page use that technique. 

The main disadvantage of using HDR is that you are at the mercy of the lighting conditions in a room. The lighting is affected by sunlight, color temperature of light fixtures, wall colors, etc… Sometimes, the result can really be funky, and we ran into those issues very often in the past!  It’s especially true with dark interiors on a bright sunny day.

Striving to always improve the quality of our work, we’ve added multi-flash photography to our offering.  


In contrast to HDR, Flash will almost always produce sharper, crisper images. The whites will be whiter and blacks will be blacker. 

Use the slider to go back and forth between HDR and Multi-Flash photography. 

Which one would you want in your portfolio to show potential clients? Which image sells the dream better? Which one pulls you in and makes you want to be in that space? Which photo is more inviting? Which one does a better job of showing off the design elements, details and textures? 

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